Friday, November 30, 2012

Scraps are the bane of my life: I hate throwing them out, and I hate keeping them as they pile up adding to the mess.
     These little strips of antique linen had languished long enough. I lined them up and saw that if I stitched them together, they would make one piece, a background. I embroidered various embroidery stitches on it, because what else would I do on a small piece of linen?
     When finished it loosely resembled those old sample pieces stitched onto blue paper. Blue paper... I recalled saving some blue wrapping paper and went looking for it. I cut out a piece and stitched the sampler onto it.

Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. Hi C. I'm back in a few so I can see some of your creations in person! xo

  2. Ooo! I love the thought process and what you created! I'm teaching myself embroidery, so I have little samplers, but they're not as pretty as this!

  3. Oh how I agree. So many ot my creations are made from bits and pieces laying around, as I can't throw them out. Lovely piece!

  4. fabric collage with those teeny, tiny snippers of antique linen. What a perfect background for your little sample.
    You just cant part with those little treasures of fabric. There is always a way to use them.

    Jacky xox


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