Friday, November 23, 2012

One of a Kind Show Toronto

I was at the One of a Kind Show today, mainly to photograph my friends' booth (and drool over all their lovely items). So, without further ado,let the show begin. More to come in another post.

Sweet Françoise, wearing the brooch I gave her.


More dollies!

Christmas stockings with a twist (skating blades made out of leather)

Layers and layers

Upcycled clothing

Fabulous cushions

Lavender sachets


Feed bag-style

Dollies, again, because I love them!

Françoise et Colette (photo by Thierry)

 Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. Thanks for posting all the great pics of the show. I hate that I'm missing it this year! xo

  2. I love your friends work!


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