Friday, August 17, 2012

My life has been disorderly these last few days. Not that I have much of a "schedule". I tend to do things backwards, that is, against the norm.

Last night, around 9 p.m., I found myself cleaning the bathroom. I think part of it was finding cleaning products that actually work by themselves. The tub is gleaming and I didn't have to be a contortionist to clean it. I used Scrubbing Bubbles mega cleaner.

Certain stubborn rust stains, thanks to copper pipes, are gone, gone, gone. I had tried everything, including CLR that claims to remove rust stains, but none of them worked (what a waste of money). The local handyman had managed to scrub some of it away with his own "high-powered" cleaner, but his "solution" was that I would have to clean the tank of accumulated rust, say, once a week.

What??!! No, said I. No way. And I stubbornly hoped that the answer would eventually come from a cleaning product. It did yesterday, when I came across a Lysol cleaner that made the same claim. Would Lysol lie to me, too? This was a last-ditch effort. I went for it. And all the rust stains vanished; no brushing, no scrubbing.

So, Happy Friday.
Watch for me in the upcoming Somerset Studio.

And in the upcoming  Holidays & Celebration

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  1. And knowing you ....I can hear you now ....singing I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles' as you sidle past the handyman!I would have bought that product too...just because I like the name!

    You have been working like a little trojan dear flies shall land on you!

    Lovely Tags....I'm beginning to wish I could speak the

  2. You're going to be published in another Stampington Magazine? That's so wonderful! That's one of my goals, to be published in one... It might help if I submitted something.. Maybe I'm afraid of rejection!

  3. I linked to you in my last post!

  4. Colette, thank you for the cleaner tip. I too have some rust spots in my tub, although mine probably needs a new tub as my house is some 50 years old. I will be looking for your work in the Holiday and Celebration issues. My local stamp shop already has it so I will pick up a copy. I just learned that some of my work will be in the upcoming Sew Somerset issue and Somerset Studio Gallery. I am very excited as this is all new to me.

  5. Hey that's a great tip. Thanks! I tend to do things when inspiration strikes, except for cleaning, which I usually do most of on Mondays. Lysol wipes have been my best friends recently - they work everywhere.


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