Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I've been busy.... vacuuming, dusting, sorting, getting my hair cut, going to the Post Office. I also tried Blurb for my book, but the finished product, 208 pages of text in pocketbook format, would cost almost $30 to buy. A small paperback for $30? I don't think so.

Last week I saw The Exotic Marigold Hotel. Loved it. Recommend it.
The next movie I want to see is Prometheus. I can't wait for the next Star Trek (you know I'm a Trekker, don't you? Not a Trekkie, but a Trekker).
The French "Intouchable" has been translated into English as Intouchable. I have no idea why, because the correct translation is Untouchable. That's on my list, too.

Now I have some cooking to do.

Photo: Source unknown.

Have a sweet evening.

Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. You have been, movie , art and boats.

  2. i like your list. and i want to make a blurb book too.

  3. For a second, I thought that was your kitchen ...... I love the french apron and centre island, and I want to hear more about this book!

  4. It would be worth every penny ..... I also had my locks shorn ..Post Office came to me!. But didn't hoover, dust ......and neither did I sort ..... xxx


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