Wednesday, February 22, 2012

 Hello. If my blog is a little quiet right now, the reason is February -- the listless month. Happily, I love my work and that helps tremendously. This is the newest piece in my Etsy shop.

What would we do without e.e. cummings?

Simplicity is the removal of the useless and the unnecessary--source unknown


  1. So true....
    I love simplicity

  2. cummings is one of my favorite poets! He is probably second to Eliot. Love this!

  3. I agree about February - so nice to keep images and sentiments like the one you've just created in our hearts and in our spirit when it is blah! outside...

    Also, Colette, just a quick note to tell you I’ve nominated you for a “Versatile Blog Award”!

    Don’t know what that means? Well, neither did I when I received this award last week from a fellow blogger named Isobel ( in Warminster, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. I, of course, wanted to know more, so I did some research. I found a website that helped a lot. I also began to notice, as I surfed around, the “Versatile Blog Award” button on some blogs I was visiting. Visit my blog to see the announcement of your blog as a recipient of this award.
    Why you, you may ask? Just because, I say! Because your blog caught my attention and inspired me in some fashion. It might have been the way you write, the great photos you take, or the fact that you motivate me to act, to be. Perhaps it was the look and feel of your blog overall. Maybe because you seemed genuine in some way, not self-serving, and not necessarily writing to accumulate “followers”, but rather with passion. Whatever my reason, a good chance for me to say “thanks” for delighting me through your blog!

    The feel, the soft music, the images - it all works! Thank you....Karen

  4. Oh yes, e.e.cummings has inspired me for most of my life, and I know many of his poems by heart. His words paired with your lovely art are delightful. ("I thank you god for most this amazing day, for the blue true dream of sky and the leafy greenly spirit of trees and for everything which infinite, which is natural , which is yes") perhaps those words can perk up this dreary February day for you! Jane


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