Monday, February 06, 2012

I may have brought the sun with me. It's been clear and sunny since I returned, and not too cold either. In fact 8 Celcius is downright warm for February. I'm thinking Wiarton Willie (our groundhog) may be right and Spring will be early this year.

But back to my trip.
I arrived on a Friday and my friend Joy and I spent a weekend in L.A.  We saw a movie we both loved, My Week with Marilyn, at Grauman's Chinese. And she taught me how to knit a cowl. I'm not a knitter (that's my sister's domain); I don't have the head for patterns, so it has to be straightforward. I swear I did knit one, purl one all the way, but it doesn't look like it. The mysteries of knitting!

I took a couple of shots on Hollywood Boulevard -- a noisy, crowded, gaudy, fun experience.
Sun against a white building and you get this. It looks Photoshopped, but it isn't.

More tomorrow.

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  1. I'm so impressed with your knitted cowl! I have bought some needles, but maybe you could include a photo of the circular ones, so I can be sure I get this right. Here's to knitting!! xo


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