Thursday, December 08, 2011

"The affable Irishman"

 My husband and his brothers were all rugby players. Now one of the sons, Robin Copeland, is making his presence felt on the rugby field. Some of the clan travelled to England to watch him play. We're all very proud of him. Robin is the one holding the ball.....

Secret weapon Copeland is sure to attract Premiership interest - Rugby Union - Yorkshire Post

Yorkshire Post, Dec. 8, 2011 -- Of more short-term concern, Copeland's scores on 23 and 26 minutes were enough to secure victory for Rotherham. The affable Irishman is content with that for now, while coach Andre Bester – a seasoned unearther of rough diamonds – thinks there is more ‘balancing out’ of Copeland’s game to be done.
There was still much work to do, but Copeland, who seems destined for the top, does not need opportunities gift-wrapped.
His intervention was decisive. It gave Rotherham a 17-0 lead at half-time that they managed to hold onto in the second half, with Garry Law scoring two penalties and a drop goal.

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