Friday, August 05, 2011

Friday's child

Etsy finds: zendotstudio.

When I saw this buddha painting (print) on Etsy, it called to me. If you know me, you can see why. It's totally my style, and I find it very calming. It's now winging its way to me from B.C.
[I placed the "watermark" on the photo]

I had to put another little fire out today. Happily, it involved a call to the federal tax people. True to their mandate, they were very nice and helpful. They put the little fire out for me!

Ná bris do loigrín ar stól nach bhfuil i do shlí. (Do not break your shin on a stool that is not in your way.)


  1. So happy to see your 'Timeless Buddha' and to know that the tax thingy has gone away! xo

  2. Wonderful Buddha! I love this post!

  3. well how surprising as I pulled up my blogger dashboard to do a little reading and there was my Timeless Buddha! Thanks for the shoutout! Hope it arrives soon.


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