Thursday, July 07, 2011

Another hommage.
It wasn't my intention, but when I finished I was reminded of a 1960s art gallery poster.

To thine own self be true -- The Bard


  1. I love it! But then I'm a 60's girl myself! ;)

  2. It's beautiful - it also makes me think of Toulouse-Lautrec and Jane Avril.

    Pomona x

  3. Yes, I could see it hanging in Paris itself! I could also see that as a framed art print you could buy at the store- love the colors!

    And if you could see the dozens and dozens of photos I delete when I'm shooting my kids, you'd think twice about calling any of them good models- ha ha!!

  4. i love this. looks like a vintage VERA scarf. it is art and fashion to me. i love it.
    you are magic.


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