Saturday, June 04, 2011

The rain watered everything and now it's all sunny and warm. When I'm watching the birds, I notice that robins tend to stand still and stare ahead. I never know what they're looking at [maybe they're meditating]. but this white bird is looking at the bunting...

Detail from "A Banner Day"

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon.


  1. I love this!! It is beautiful!

    I was watching these two crows today that have taken up eating in our bird feeder. They are too big to actually hang on but try their best and then they sit in the oak tree nearby. I was watching them today as they were "grooming" one another and it made me curious as to weather they mate for life like so many birds. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Cheers! RM :)

  2. Oh so sweet, Colette. I love the robins looking at the buntings!

  3. I love the colours you chose and you are right, robins do just stand and stare I just noticed that today as one little robin was on the grass in my front yard. I was walking toward him and he just ignored me looking contently ahead until I was inches away, then he finally flew away.

  4. Wonderful painting, Colette. I love that you study the body language of birds :)


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