Tuesday, May 31, 2011

With the temperature soaring to 30C, I'm minimizing my sorties today...

Instead, I launched into an assignment for Stampington. I had an idea that I thought would be perfect but as I created it, I didn't like it very much. It wasn't "singing" to me. Then, yesterday, as I was preparing to go out to an appointment, I got another idea and started work, just enough to know that this one would work for me. [This usually happens; whenever I'm on my way to something else, inspiration strikes and I start working on it right away with one eye on the clock.]

I can't show you anything before publication, except for this sliver....

But I can show you this. A new item in my Etsy shop.

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon.


  1. Those were both delicious little tidbits! Bravo! xo

  2. so pretty!
    °º✿happy June!!!!º° ✿♥

  3. I like what I see :) p.s. hot yesterday, cool and rainy today


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