Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday's child

I finished this piece this morning and I'm proud of myself because I'm learning to control the free-form stitching. I lightly pencilled the shape of the face, then took it from there. You have to be fearless with this free-form stitching thing!

I've been possessed by transferring images onto fabric with iron-on paper (I like Lesley Riley's TAP best). It frees you to make the transfer onto your own fabrics and bits and pieces. So when I came across this ethereal handkerchief, I wanted to keep it intact and add something to it.


To hang it, I used a cream-painted safety pin.

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon.


  1. Yesterday's post and baby top were precious - as was our outing! But now I want to have a little transfer fun with TAP. I've never tried it before. xoxo

  2. Love your music!!!! This first song brings back memories of Sunday mornings and coffee with my parents. xo

  3. Colette! That freeform stitching is beautiful! So delicate! I love the use of layers too.

  4. Love your free-form stitching, Colette. You are really shining at this fearless thing. Love the look of the layer over the print.

    Big hugs and thanks for stopping in for Jud's birthday :-)


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