Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tags are Us

I love my tags. I love making them. They provide comfort in times of stress, action in times of boredom, fun in times of gloom. In other words, they lift my spirits.May they lift yours, too.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the bird in a dress stamp! xoxo

  2. hi colette!! i love tags too!! several years ago, i had a friend that would sit with me and make tags!!! we would glue any vintage ephemera we could to those silly things and cut out words and add embellishments of anything tattered we could find!!! we would make tags for HOURS and let the kids play!!! that was before blogs, emails, websites and tweets...and it was probably more fun back then than it is now and i STILL love to make tags today!!!!! yours are so arty. i love the way you combine your images, words and textures/contrast. they really are splendid!
    take care

  3. I love all your 'stuff'.. my girl talk, my care packages.. you.. xo

  4. Spirits lifted.

    After all, who can resist a wren in a baby doll dress?

    'Not I' said the robin.

  5. your tags are totally sweet ... gee, i love your creativity!!
    thank you SO so so much ~ i received your package with your lovely art work ... : )
    it took a while to get here as we have this bizarre situation
    with the mail system ... our mail frequently goes to another
    farm miles from here and it sometimes takes a while to get
    there to pick it up!
    happy spring to you ~

  6. I love my tags, too, Colette, but I love yours a whole lot more!!!

    Robin said it well.


  7. Colette, I have been a fan of your tags for some time. In fact, you were the one who inspired me to give tag art a try. I like mine, but love yours.


  8. Just looking at your tags makes me want to try some too. It's been ages since I played with my stash, so thanks for the heads up.


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