Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have an article in the brand-new Somerset Studio (May/June). It might get you to identify and abolish some false beliefs....

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon.


  1. I will be anxious to get my hands on the new magazine and read all about one of my most favorite artists ever!

    Wish you could come for the Market and stand beside your pillows. I will take plenty of pictures to share!

    have a great day dear friend

  2. I LOVED your article, Colette! You are very much inspiring me to try drawing again. p.s. double the pleasure since you were with me when I bought this issue in Toronto!!!

  3. Can you believe I just opened my magazine to your page?? Divined, I say.xo

  4. I look forward to seeing it~ xXx

  5. I loved your article! I am still uncertain that I "can" draw as most attempts have proved to me that I cannot. I will take your thoughts to heart and try again! Hugs!


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