Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday stitching

The bunny caught my fancy. I saw it on Janet Clare's blog and immediately wanted to try it. I confess that, in my impatience, I didn't use the pattern but just cut it out freehand. I used thick cotton batting because I didn't have anything else that was suitable, like felt. I'm a fan of Janet's designs; they charm me.


  1. Oh, I love the bunny, Colette. I could handle both bunnies and birds. Really I could!
    Big hugs (bunny hugs?)

  2. Oh so cute - simple good design is the best!

  3. How cute is that bunny! I also want to see more of those stitched pieces .... as always, inspired and inspiring!

  4. Oh, this bunny is so cute. I have to have one.

  5. so glad to see you made my little bunny! thank you.


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