Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The Birdies of the Round Table gathered to ask a very important question.

How many birds can fit in a telephone booth a nest?

Why, all of us, of course. But who's going to change the light bulb????


  1. Some very cute insights from your little bird friends. Funny how I share their same sense of humour! xoxo

  2. Hello,

    that is sooo lovly.
    Sooo sweet wat a wunderful bird.

    greatongs send you Conny

  3. I will also be moving in to that nest.

    I will be responsible for all light bulb installation.

  4. Such lovely little birds Colette. You have a magical touch with birds whether drawn, painted or made in fabric. I particularly like the little one with the rosebud on his head. I also love the multi pleated skirt and the little velvet bird in recent posts.

  5. I love them, too, and I am glad Robin has it all under control...her being a bird and all ;-)


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