Saturday, March 19, 2011

A day in the life

My Saturday went like this.

I looked at my small work table

and stifled an urge to scream. I couldn't deal with the mess today. [This is just a tiny detail of The Mess.] So I worked at my other table and now there's a mess there that has to be taken care of. It's neverending. I try, I really do; I tidy up and before you know it I'm back at square one. I think it's to do with the way I work.

I managed to finish this:

It's been in the making for weeks....I've now used 4 of my 6 wooden block. I put this one in my Etsy shop.

Spent some time at the library, and made my groceries as they say in New Orleans. I watched Merlin on the Space Channel (I love that show), and now it's the end of the day.

And that is how my Saturday went. Oh, and  the sun was out. Mustn't forget the weather report!!


  1. I am this way, too~ I think it has something to do with being artistic. The work needs to spread, so we can see the possibilities of all the fragments. It builds...try this or that. I am now suppose to create in a certain space. The space isn't that big and I need room to stretch my ideas out. Some people just don't understand the process! Go with your flow and you will pick it up, when you are done. Then your ideas will again spread is part of it~ xXx

  2. A well-spent Saturday, Colette. Isn't that sun such a spirit-lifter after winter?!! p.s. we're expecting more snot today (!)

  3. My father always used to say he had to "make the groceries". We are Spanish but I think my grandmother migrated through New Orleans.


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