Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another bunny. They multiply, it's in their nature. For the second one (on the left), I used Janet's pattern--although I couldn't resist adding two kisses-- and you can see the difference between it and my wonky, impatient freehand one on the right.

Then came the mail, and out tumbled these goodies from Jocelyn. I've been sending snailmail, and she's been a champion at sending some back despite her very active life.

Complete with chocolate-kisses postage stamps!


  1. That was fun to see what I had sent... it's forgotten the minute it's in the envellope, so thanks for sharing.... oh but you... you're so good at this game!

  2. I'm making bunnies today! Wasn't the sun lovely the past few days? It's supposed to be extra nice tomorrow.

  3. those bunnies are the sweetest! totally your style too!

  4. I love your bunnies. You have a keen eye...............


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