Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday's child (It's almost Friday)

I spent some time on Etsy, exploring some recommended shops that Etsy gives you based on your favorites.

When I saw this photo in thumbnail format, I thought it was a painting. Seriously. You could forgive me for that -- I mean, look at it! And that background is pure perfection.

Out of New Orleans, a favorite city of mine (I wrote a novel set in New Orleans, which will give you an idea of how well I know the place, how connected I am to it), comes Creolesha. Eco funky clothing that I fell in love with, and the palette is so completely to my taste.


This is ART

A skirt you can fall in love with


  1. :) thank you so much for featuring my designs! i love your stitched work - the little bird on your etsy shop is adorable...

  2. Hi! I just recently discovered your shop on etsy (I'm MissouriBendStudio) and fell in love with your work....and now your blog and this post has made me go back to etsy and mark Creolesha as a favorite too! I love both of these shops (yours and hers)...the mark making in cloth and paper and the palette....thanks for making such wonderful work and also for introducing me to yet another wonderful shop!


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