Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Zen habits

It is good to wake up in the morning and look out to a bright sky. It's good to have a few quiet moments of reflection or no-thought during the day. For years I've practised "stillness", although I haven't always been good at it and given in to the chaotic moments -- which is precisely when you need to pull back and be quiet for a few minutes. But then, we never stop learning, I believe we're not supposed to stop learning...

When I sit and stitch, or paint, or collage, I get peaceful even though I'm in action. The difference is that I don't force anything, I don't plan anything, I let the design come together as it will. It's as if my mind is switched off and lets my spirit do the driving.

Today's message from the Universe, paraphrased: We think our emotions arise from circumstances when in fact circumstances arise from our emotions. There's one to think about.


  1. Very interesting words of wisdom, Colette. Indeed.

  2. Anonymous4:47 p.m.

    Stillness in motion so beautifully epitomised by the hummingbird.

  3. Great universal message!

  4. great message to think about!

  5. very nice words.
    and nice hand sewing...I need to sit still and do some. I love to sew, just don't make the time.

  6. Hello. Love this art piece. Lovely blog. Glad you stopped by. Warmly, Karen


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