Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's snowing. We're expecting 4 cm today. Nothing drastic.
It's snowing stitches

I have to go out when it abates, but meanwhile I have the perfect excuse to stay home and work.

I have an article to finish; a project to start (and finish!) and a few other bits and pieces. No time like the present, especially when it's snowing...

My French linens.


  1. you should see the snow here in Lincoln! 18 inches!! what a beautiful textile piece, it actually reminds me something of my past, but i just can't pin point it at the moment.....nope you have a great weekend! love ya!

  2. I love all your snow dots, and what fun to see your french linens. That shot would look good in the "Where WOmen Create" magazine. xoxo

  3. So beautiful and inspiring!


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