Monday, January 17, 2011


"Think big -- it will let you accomplish lots of very small things"... [and as we know they all add up to big things] - author unknown. I believe this because I'm living it now.

This is the most honest statement I've come across in the slew of books telling you to think big to get big.

This piece got shaped over 24 hours. I put down the basics then kept coming back to it until it felt finished to me. I've learned to be patient with my work, to wait and let it speak to me. It always tells me what more it needs, and when to stop.  [edit. The piece is 8-1/2 x 7 inches]

The words for this are not the ubiquitous "fly" -- they are decay and rebirth in Nature.

Decay and rebirth


  1. This is a really dramatic and intense story. I love it. How big is it? xo

  2. Oh, yes. Love the saying. Love the piece of work!

  3. so true, so true...think big. i like that. another great saying is to 'STEP OVER IT'. i had a trainer once tell me that when i worked in advertising and it is true! walk right over the little stuff and the big stuff will be there.
    thanks for sharing....
    good luck and thanks for the honesty.

  4. I will think big this week. The "little stuff" has been getting to me. Your kiss jar, blow kisses, good will and love into it.
    I will check out the little dresses your friend made. I'm making another pixie dress, Valentine theme..I think mine are much bigger ( 23 inches in length) than those pretty dresses you posted.

  5. Fab piece Colette. Inspired and inspiring.


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