Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The accidental bird

I was trimming some scraps, saving bits of lace, and when I looked at one of them, I saw that I had accidentally cut out a bird shape.

Here it is, stitched over a velvet heart. I often have "accidents" like this one, while working on my art in different media. Sometimes I'm convinced that they're not accidents at all. It's a reminder to pay attention...


  1. oh, this is just lovely. In fact, I have admired your work before, without even knowing it. How happy I am to have found you accidentally.

  2. don't you just shout when this happens...BUT by divine appointment! :)

  3. so cool! most of my art hanging in my house that i made they have countless accidents....but i like it that way!

  4. Hello Colette,
    I love and admire your work,but I'm French and my English is not very...good !...I'm sorry...!!!
    I think so,that this lovely bird is not an accident...!!!
    It's not too late for wish you a very hapiness
    new year...
    See you soon.


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