Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vol de Nuit

I've been drawing birds. Since they're for a magazine assignment, I can't show them to you just yet. But I can show you this. Is it a bird or an airplane....? I drew it in my scrapbook. I had good intentions with this scrapbook; I started gluing things in it, but it ended up being a sketchbook. Reverting to my true nature... the moral of which is be who you are.

I was thinking of St-Exupéry's book Vol de Nuit [Night Flight]. The Little Prince is his best-known work, but Vol de Nuit is what sticks in my mind. 

He slept here (Quebec)


  1. I love that you love birds... and I love your birds...each and every one.

  2. But it is still very Petit Prince -- Is is a hat? -- mais, non! -- it is a snake that ate an elephant! (my favourite book)

  3. I really like this little bird Colette. Very quirky.


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