Monday, November 08, 2010

Getting ready for Silver Bella. Making things for vendor night. Packing bit by bit. In a few days it will be a reality.

I've been unstoppably obsessed with whites lately.

Now I know why: Yesterday I found out who my roomie is going to be. Her last name is...White!


  1. Anonymous12:45 p.m.

    Love White. Beautiful!

  2. With you on loving the whites, Colette. See you soon!

  3. I've been away for a bit...The work in your recent posts is, as always, lovely...

  4. Is it Betz White? I don't know her but she sure looks nice (and she is another one of my teachers!). I am so busy and have stuff all over the floor. I am in pretty good shape though. I will be ready to fly out Wednesday morning!
    See you then!

  5. It will soon be the season of white~ Have fun, enJOY! Love the calm, soothing feeling white reflects!

  6. I cant wait to see you in a few days!!! oh how exciting it will be!!! leave a tiny bit of extra space in your suitcase, I will be giving you a couple things for you to take back with you :) but dont worry! they are airplane friendly! travel safe my dear friend! at last after over 4 years, we will meet in person!!! love ya!

  7. love all the white. can't wait to hear about Ms. White...please fill us in!


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