Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And another thing...

There is a huge bonus to Silver Bella for someone like me: meeting the other instructors. Most I knew by reputation, one I knew from little chats via our blogs. Hats off to Teresa for perfect mix! I made some new friends, good ones with whom I hope and want to cross paths again. I was truly moved by their acceptance of me, their sharing, their humour, their talents, their generosity.

I made these last night; they are my relaxation technique...inspired by Charlotte (houses) and Lynn ("bunny"ears!!), using the felted sweater scraps (a whole bagful) that my roomie Betz gave me. It's hard to believe that they are pieces of sweaters.....

Next up I'll be using the little pile of gorgeous fabrics that Kaari gave me. They are samples of her amazing new line.


  1. those are so cute!! they would look so cute in a christmas tree, or simply hung on a wall!

  2. Anonymous10:20 p.m.

    Look at that little fellow, even with only one eye, he still has a smile.

  3. Loving to burst of clour in these little pieces Colette. Just what we need right now. Gorgeous.


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