Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I spent the morning running errands. Since I don't want to end up frazzled again, I'm pacing myself. For the rest of the day, I'll be taking easy. Which means sitting down (no pacing around my work table) and reading or embroidering. Something soothing. I may have the TV on, but no news channels.

Meanwhile I've seen Halloween stuff all over the place. It's really too early for me....
I'm not Halloween minded when it comes to art, but I did play around with this. What made it easy was the bird!

Rubber stamps: Paperbag Studios; Catherine Moore (tiny tree)


  1. So glad to learn you are on the mend! So wise to listen to the "inner voice" that says to slow down, take it easy and be gentle towards ones self! Your work is lovely!

  2. Oh, colette. I love this. I am not Halloween-minded either so I didn't even tune in to any "Halloween-ness." Just a bird to me, great colors, everything placed in a lovely way. Now you know what I tune in to!



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