Saturday, July 17, 2010

So, you've made your what do you do with them?
The sky is the limit when you think about it.

You can paint on it -- here I did an abstract and stamped it using acrylic paint instead of an ink pad. Photo shows a detail. It looked like the funnel of a ship. A ghost ship, perhaps?

I was getting ready to collage this next background when I thought, why not use fabric instead of paper, and stitch it.

Happy weekend!


  1. cute cute your imaginative wheels ever stop spinning????? ;)

  2. I like this; cute and unique~
    Fun to experiment and just let it flow~

  3. just stopped by. some many pretty things. you have been busy!

  4. Very pretty as always Colette. Love the stitched flowers and the dragonfly in the previous post.


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