Tuesday, June 01, 2010

For those who think I never stop -- I didn't make anything today. I got other things done, like shredding pre-2003 documents (we only have to keep seven years' worth for tax purposes). My shredder is small, so I had to keep emptying it, and at one stage some paper got stuck, and that took 10 minutes and determination to dig it out without breaking the shredder. It took a long time, but I persisted. The next step is to take the huge bag down to the recycling bin.

Then I finally mailed my sister the red jade earrings I made for her. Not the original ones. Jc gave me some sterling silver wires and we made a new pair. Nothing but the best for my sis. Check out Jc's blog Zendoll. She's just begun blogging and posting her lovely work (both collage and jewelry). The tiny stamp on this collage is also Jc's. I fell in love with it and stamped just about everywhere.

I'm now going to retire with my book. I've just finished M.C. Scott's Rome: The Emperor's Spy, first of a trilogy, and I can't wait for the next one (she wrote the Boudica/Dreaming books, and she's one of my favourite authors) and starting another.


  1. Everything is always so gorgeous over. I have just read all the way down to the bottom of your blog. I miss so much when I don't visit every day but there has been precious little spare time for me recently. I hope that changes soon :o)

    Happy days Colette xo

  2. Thank you for the comment - I'm immensely glad you liked the books. New one is in the finishing stages (which is to say I should be line editing as we speak) and will be out next March...



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