Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A little fun

Yesterday was a work day at the bookstore, followed by errands and a lot of walking. It feels like summer, so I'm grateful for the little cool breeze that wafts my way now and then. On days like this, I'm so happy that I'm surrounded by nature: trees and gardens and grass and the park and the ravine ... and still be living in a great big fabulous city. I'm thinking of doing a memory book, not of people, but of my neighbourhood. It's gestating in my mind.

Meanwhile, a little fun goes a long way.

Always inject a little fun into your day.


  1. Do I recognise Albert? or is it another member of the Zetti family?
    Great fun!

  2. Yes, it's...Albert Zetti!!

  3. We are enjoying our spring now - beautiful and green with amazing blossoms and bluebells. I love your Fly Boy Colette and that tiny doggy at the bottom and of course those appliqued birds.

  4. Oh, i do like Fly Boy! He has that certain "Je ne sais quoi." Did I spell that right? I haven't had any French for forty years!


  5. A memory book of the neighbourhood sounds like a great idea.


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