Monday, April 12, 2010

Winged Messenger

I got a Winged Messenger from Susanna Gordon to place somewhere in the park near my home. It was the week of wind and rain, so I waited until it calmed down and wandered around the park looking for a suitable spot. As I reached the children’s play area, I saw a plaque under a tree and remembered that trees were planted around the park in memory of people who had died. In fact, I knew one of them: David Wilkinson, a former colleague, young and vibrant, whose death I discovered only when I stumbled on the tree planted in his memory.

As it turned out, the first tree next to the children’s area, a mere few feet away, was David's tree. So I hung the Winged Messenger for both the children and David. It felt so very, very right.


  1. Wow... beautiful and very moving...

  2. A wonderful sentiment; how endearing!

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful gesture to place it where others can see it Colette.

    Love the stamps you have made too. They look great all together like that. I hope the event was a great success.

  4. Wery beautiful!!))

  5. Anonymous11:05 a.m.

    ....well if they walked past the tree before, they will certainly stop and ponder now! typical of you Colette, your heart is certainly in the right thoughtful was that!....More of that we need in this world!
    Anon x

  6. You warm my heart~ xx


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