Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My sister is the gardener in the family. I'm limited to a balcony with pots, so the gardener in me lives vicariously through her. She has been getting her summer garden ready; the wisteria has a mind of its own and blooms away, heedless of whatever else is going on around it. I love cascading flowers like wisteria and bougainvillae.


  1. Ah,so pretty. No flowers in Minnesota yet!

    Looking forward to your class at Silver Bella!


  2. Lovely wisteria and petunias(?). Happy blossoms...

  3. Wisteria is blooming here in North Carolina; it seems to be abundant this year, never seen so much of it! Lovely photos; You bloom in other ways, Colette! Your blooms you give away on your blog or we can purchase on etsy. They also are encased in Stampington issues.
    As your work flourishes, so does your heART!
    It is a joy that we can witness and see what you will grow next!

  4. Anonymous12:57 p.m.

    What another Colette wrote about wisteria:

    "At the bottom, along the Rue des Vignes, a boundary wall reinforced with a strong iron railing ought to have ensured the privacy of the two gardens, but I never knew those railings other than twisted and torn from their cement foundations, and grappling in mid air with the invincible arms of a hundred-year-old wisteria."

    My Mother's House
    (from the first chapter titled Where are the Children?)

  5. Very appropriate, Carey, since I was named after her. Thank you!

  6. Anonymous2:49 p.m.

    Oooo, I'm jealous. I've wanted that name for myself since age 16 when I first read Cheri and The Last of Cheri (way back in the 70's). I've since read lots of Colette and have slowly collected quite a stash of her books and biographies. Was your mother a fan of the literature, or did she just like the name?

    p.s. I was so disappointed by the recent film, Cheri. The book was so richly written. But the movie, though lovely to look at, was off the mark.

  7. My parents just reversed her name: Sidonie Gabrielle Colette to Colette Gabriel (which was my maiden name). And I had to study her in school...


  8. Anonymous3:26 p.m.

    Ah, nice.

    We Central Valley Californian students were not exposed to Colette. . . we weren't exposed to a lot of things. But anyway, I stumbled upon a copy of the aforementioned book on the discount table of a mall bookstore. I bought it because I liked her name and the Jacqueline Schuman line drawing on the cover.

    Thanks for the back story on your name!


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