Thursday, March 11, 2010

The McKinney, TX, connection

People often ask me why my sister and her family live in McKinney, Texas. Here's the answer from her husband Gordon Hill, former Manchester United star, in an interview in The Times online, London.

"I own and run United FC [Football Club], a youth soccer club in McKinney, about 25 miles from Dallas. I moved out here five years ago after working in Manchester, doing stuff on the radio and hospitality at United and MUTV. So I thought I’d try my hand at coaching. I did all the badges and had spells at Chester City, Hyde United and with Nova Scotia in Canada. My set-up has no official tie-in with Man United, though if I find a little diamond he will be steered towards the club. I’m also planning to set up a Gordon Hill Centre of Excellence. I’m in the UK three or four times a year, helping run soccer schools at Newport and Cardiff. I try to put a little bit back into the game."

The article is here. I don't know much about football/soccer, but I do know that my brother-in-law is the most honest and genuine athlete I've ever heard of. In a world that invites excess and scandal, he has been, and remains, true to the love of the game, which makes him a dream of a coach and teacher.

Gordon Hill in his heydey!!

And this is his son, Sam, the light of my life, in blue and yellow, playing in NZ

Everytime I see this photo, I see my mother's (his grandmother's) face. It's the angle...


  1. I'll have to show this to English husband...I'm sure he'll know who your BIL is..Your apartment looks lovely.. Keep me posted on latest adventures..Sounds like you got an awesome gig..Congradulations to you...I'm just learning about all this paperwork and collages and stuff...I like it lots...

  2. What a wonderful brother-in-law! When my son used to play soccer, we had coaches from Great Britian come for summer camp.
    We recently watched a movie with Robert Duvall playing a Scottish soccer coach. Can't recall the name but I liked the movie.

  3. Anonymous10:46 p.m.

    What good looking men! Nice to know they're good-hearted as well:)


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