Sunday, March 07, 2010

Early spring cleaning

I should say "enforced" spring cleaning.

All my windows are being replaced and upgraded tomorrow. Which means all the drapes have to come down, all the furniture has to be moved away from the windows, the electronics have to be unplugged and pushed again the side walls, and every thing has to be covered and taped down. Now, here's the thing. My living room windows open up to a very long balcony. A long balcony means the whole wall from floor to ceiling is made up of windows and a sliding door with a screen.

Moving everything means I clean. Cleaning means ... spring! It also means I won't have access to my computer tomorrow because regulations forbid me, for safety reasons, to be in the apartment when they're working. A security guard will be watching over it all while I'm exiled for the day.

Meanwhile, my set of rubber stamps arrived and I'm playing with them. My work table is nowhere near the windows so it's intact (I'll have to cover it with a drop cloth before they come in the morning).

I will announce the winner of the draw later today.

See you in a couple of days.


  1. OMG! You have to go away from home??? I'm not sure I'd like it... :((
    These tags of yours are so pretty- you did such an amazing job with the rubber stamps!
    Happy cleaning too!

  2. Very pretty tags! Sorry to hear you are being forced from your nest; hope everything is done quickly.

    Try to enjoy your outing and make the best of the situation!

    Love you stamps~

  3. Anonymous5:55 p.m.

    I miss you when you vanish!...but you've been happily making that makes it ok!
    You have such an eye for colour!..they are awesome!
    Don't like to think of you as being homeless!
    Can't you move in with the cats?..they owe you a favour!
    Hope the weather will be favourable!
    Anon the Elder.....OXOXO ZZZZZZZZ

  4. Anonymous6:45 p.m.

    So stressful to have disruptive and messy work done in the home. Hope it all goes smoothly and makes things better than ever for you (The rubber stamps you've designed are wonderful, and of course I'm drooling and slobbering over your tags. Because of you I'm developing a tag attraction/addiction).

  5. I can't wait to get your stamps!Unfortunately they haven't been ordered yet..... So sorry that you have to vacate. Too bad that it's not the next week -- I'm on spring break. Perhaps we can meet for tea?

  6. I love your stamps...really a very new look!


  7. Won't it be nice to have everything clean and fresh and have those new windows...enjoy!!


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