Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DSD (do something different)

This is a different kind of heart.


I was watching The Passionate Eye on CBCNewsworld, a documentary called Reel Injun, and how Native Americans were portrayed in Hollywood (some film clips horrified me, like John Wayne digging up an Indian corpse from sacred ground and firing bullets into it. I know it was acting, but even actors with some common decency should be able to draw the line. Kind of ironic that he died from heavy tobacco use, an Indian sacred plant that, if abused, can kill -- as we already know.)

The gentler side of life. I made several more "white" hearts; when I'm on a roll, I continue until, well, until I stop! I love making hearts.


  1. Anonymous12:11 p.m.

    ...stop it!!! xxx

  2. Wow, so sad, I don't think I have ever seen of that movie. Death can't even be sacred, sometimes... That is tragic.

    This is a great portrait~

    I am getting ready to post and guess what another bird...tee, hee (sort of)

    I <3 your hearts~

  3. Not yet, Anon, not yet... xxx

  4. you know how I love your hearts!
    and if you were not Queen of the Birdies, I would deem you Queen of Hearts !!

  5. Thanks so much for visiting the BR blog and leaving a comment - it's great to hear from people overseas.

    By the way, I love your carved stamps and have been nagging Kaye (BR store owner) to stock these as soon as I laid eyes on them!

  6. I agree she is the Queen of Heart, but the nice
    kind, not the Alice in Wonderland version!


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