Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Disarray and gobsmacking news

I returned home yesterday afternoon to brand-new windows. Exhausted as I was, I would have pulled off all the coverings and tidied up, but I had to wait until today for the patch-ups and for them to put the blinds in the bedroom back up. I face east, so the sun literally rises in my face and it was so bright this morning that I awoke long before my 8 hours' sleep were up. Still, I'm not complaining. I am thrilled to have a screen door finally. I can leave it open without the bugs flying uninvited!

By this evening everything should be in place. I thought I would take tomorrow off, but a fabulous opportunity has come my way and I will be working on some ideas and samples for that.

Here's a clue: Clickety-click!

When I got the offer last night I was gobsmacked. But thrilled and ... well, thrilled. It still needs to sink in. And now the work starts.

But first, I must go and get the drapes out of the dryer....


  1. Anonymous11:08 a.m.

    ...stop teasing!....When are you allowed to let the cat out of the bag?...I am bursting to know!
    When the sun shines through the window at this time of year I realise that my windows need a good clean...you won't have to do that because they are all new and sparkly...lucky you!!!
    Anon the Elder.....OXOXO

  2. it is wonderful that your window faces East to see the rising sun..and thank you for your words and friendship...love always, nita

  3. will you be teaching?!!!

  4. I get the hint; How wonderful!!! I'm excited for you! I love the look; so bright and vibrant. A screen is always a good thing; You will really enjoy your revised apartment, once you get back to normal!

    I'm happy for you!
    Take Care xox

  5. Event Instructor? All expenses paid? If I've guessed correctly, then I'm terribly envious of all who will be present to absorb your creativity.

  6. What a lovely surprise for you and a strong hint about how people regard your work. Disarray is always difficult for me too. I need peace and calm and organisation around me to be productive.


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