Thursday, March 25, 2010

A cautionary tale

Postscript : I have two credit cards, period. The other company, MBNA, just called, a courtesy call, to see if I needed anything. (Talk about timing!!) Fraud protection? I asked. Absolutely, you get 100% protection, they said.  Great! Then they lowered my interest, which was low anyway, and added some other benefits. Which is good, since it's my primary credit card. [Thank you for your comforting comments. Bless you all!]

I want to salute my bank: TD-Canada Trust. I have been with them for more years than I can count, for good reason.

Last night, at midnight, a thief had a spree with my Visa card. My bank immediately put a hold on the card and called me this morning, because they know my patterns. I don't shop online at midnight for hundreds of dollars....

The card has been cancelled, traces have been put on the purchases, and I've been assured I am protected from any and all costs. On top of that, the bank representative who talked to me was very soothing and understanding.

Still and all, it's a terrible shock. Especially for someone as careful as I am with online shopping with a credit card.

On this day, March 25, many years ago, I suffered a burglary that took my husband's life. Let me tell you, the credit card shock was compounded by the memory of that date.

But, you count your blessings (in this case, my wonderful bank), have a hot cup of something, and slowly the shaking stops.

Have a very safe day!


  1. I always read your blog but I don't always leave a comment. I am sorry that you lost your husband and I am glad the bank caught the theft.
    Consider yourself hugged today:)

  2. Colette, how unnerving, especially on this sad anniversary. I remember reading a tender reference to your husband in the "Lise's Page" section of your website. I'm sorry for that violent loss and that someone's greed has left you more shaken. I wish we could all sit down with you until you feel better. But since we can't, I'll also go make a hot cup of something and send good thoughts your way while I drink it.

  3. Wow your bank sounds fantastic, i'm so glad that they acted quickly for you!

    I read your blog alot and knew that your husband had died but did not know the circumstances of his death, I am so sorry this happened and reminded you of that time.
    Words alone cannot express my sympathy.

    Micki x

  4. oh dear, what an awful thing to happen.. and I didn't realize that is how your husband died {{hugs}}... you are in my heart .. so sit there, have your hot cup of something and be wrapped in love & angels wings xo

  5. Colette,
    I am so sorry; the anniversary date and timing are terrible. I knew your husband had died, but didn't know how. I am sooo sorry, you have been through so much!

    I hope you can find a way to do art today to help heal your frazzled nerves! My thoughts n' prayers are with you! (((hugs)))

  6. Kiley Hill5:44 p.m.

    love you soooo much, glad everything is ok!! Perhaps your bank could show my old bank how it's done!! they don't seem to have a clue...

    i'm so sorry you have to endure this anniversary, year after year. my thoughts and prayers are with you. love you auntie!!

  7. My thoughts are with you... I admire your strength and resolve... Bad things should never happen to such good a person as you... Hugs.

  8. Colette I'm so sorry to hear all the news contained in this post. The way of the world is just so awful sometimes

    Sending extra love xoxo

  9. Last Sunday someone tried the same thing with my paypal account. Luckily -- I was on the computer at the time -- and I saw the first purchase come through just minutes after the transaction. I called immediately and my money was refunded within 2 days -- but I had to change every password I have! and I'm supposed to keep changing them every few weeks. I am so sorry that this happened to you on such a sad anniversary. I'm thinking for you, my friend..... xo

  10. Thinking of you Colette on this anniversary. I had the same infuriating thing with my credit card - I was apparently making lots of journeys from Denmark... it does shake you up.

  11. Wow Colette, my heart goes out to you for your terrible loss of you Darling Husband. Nothing I say can make any of this better or make any sense of something so senseless so just know that I am praying for you so that you may find some strength to carry on. Bless you, fondly, Roberta


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