Saturday, February 13, 2010

O Canada

Did we ever give the world a show tonight! From our Lieutenant-Governor Michaelle Jean (who is of Haitian origin, and I remember how she broke down over the Haiti disaster) all the way to the Great One, Wayne Gretzky! And Bobby Orr, what a blast from the past. And KD Laing's incredible voice combined with Leonard Cohen's incredible words that really moved me! And the fabulous aboriginal personalities and dancers.... And all that went on inbetween.

I am so proud of my country ... "de plus brillants exploits..." (did anyone catch that in the CEO's speech in English? It's from the French version of our national anthem).

And in the middle of all that, I kept thinking of my sister watching in the U.S., glad that I'd sent her a pair of the Olympic red mitts -- as worn by Donald Sutherland, Anne Murray, Wayne Gretzky, Betty Fox and all of them!!! Haha!

CTV also showed our troops in Khandahar (Afghanistan) watching the opening and it moved me beyond words to see grown men tear up when the national anthem was sung. May they all come home safely.


  1. Oh I love the olympics! and yes, you guys did it beautifully--wow! why do I always cry? I cried through the whole opening ceremonies...what is wrong with me? I'm such a mush. :)

  2. Hi! I enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies too. It was beautiful.I especially liked the native ceremonies.

  3. I found the opening ceremony very enjoyable, too! Canada should be very, very proud! I'm looking forward to seeing more of Canada throughout the remaining games.

  4. Anonymous7:03 p.m.

    I almost felt Canadian, well I did live in Montreal and you are my sister!

  5. O Canada! You should be proud..what an amazing display. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  6. It was an amazing ceremony and brought tears to my eyes. It was so GREAT seeing you over the weekend and thanks soooooo much for my dolly charm! Happy Heart Day!

    Sandy xox


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