Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My favorite North American marché aux puces

From the photos, you might think I shop at some brocante in France. No. I can't really afford that. I shop from home at owned and operated by my friend Sara Hopp. Two reasons: She finds the best things and fits my budget perfectly. I've posted about it before. I don't believe in keeping secrets!


  1. Wow!! your blog is the bomb...loving your sharing spirit,your taste in stuff and your haircut!! Found you via Miss R..I shall be a follower..
    Cheers, Cynthia Wolff Beatnheart

  2. Oh thanks for sharing - some great stuff there - this could be dangerous. Love your new stamps too!

  3. Wow, That is one cool site. some great finds. thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks for sharing ! I love carte postale!


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