Monday, February 08, 2010

Houses in flight

I like crooked little houses (if you want a rubber stamp of a crooked little house, check my rubber stamps in the left-hand menu!), and I like wings. So I combined them.

I drew the wings in pencil on the back of the paper, and cut them out. The house I cut out of a paper bag (another use for paper bags!); the bits of lace were remnants from another project, and the Canadian King George stamp was on the wrapping paper from a gift I received recently.
Keep it simple, and may your house fly!


  1. big fun to try, thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. You have a wonderful imagination Colette. Love the angel house and your rubber stamps are great, especially the little round bird.

  3. So lovely, I will give it a try too!
    Have a beautiful week,

  4. I have missed so many of your beautiful posts while I've been away. I've just had a jolly good read and a catch up with your lovely things. I love this simple house. You make "simple" look so easy. I always end up complicating things!



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