Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday's child

So I came across these tiny paper bags, and I looked at them, should I save them, should I not? Kitchen or studio? Then that mysterious part of me took over, the part of me that says "do this, do that" and I obey without hesitating. I fashioned a mini "mushroom" -- and then tied some string around the stem and secured it. I added a small lace doily on the top, and finished it with an antique millinery leaf and vintage seam binding. Et voilà! A very pretty flower.

Happy weekend/Bon weekend


  1. What a great idea! It looks beautiful. Bon weekend!

  2. Sweet. I do not believe in the devil either and only God could come up with the amazing details of life So for me it has always been God in the details.

  3. Indeed~it is beautiful!
    (received your moo cards today...and I sold one of the folders along with one of the necklaces featured in BAJ =)
    ....will send your $$$ Monday!

  4. Anonymous5:02 p.m.

    this is just sooo freakin cute!

    Did you crochet the top or use lace already in existence?


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