Friday, January 29, 2010

My favorite shirt

My favorite shirt is from Italy and belongs to my friend Julie. She bought it while on a trip to Toronto, at Yorkdale, confided that it cost a fortune but that she had to have it. I agreed completely. The shirt is pure art. I photographed it/her outside my building.

Today, the temperature dipped to -30C. With the windchill, that would be -40C. It was a day for the sheepskin coat Julie gave me before she moved to California.

In other news I'm cat-sitting again for a week. Calypso recognized me right away, spread herself out on the rug and waited to be stroked. Coco recognized me too because she was very friendly, and she tends to be aloof. They both know who will be feeding them for the next week!!!

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  1. Hello Colette,
    Just wanted to say hello and let you know your work inspires me!
    I L*O*V*E your article on the current issue of Green Craft, I'm sooo honored to have my work featured on the same issue! I'm on page 60, by the way...
    Your friend's shirt is fabulous too!
    Warmest wishes,


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