Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Book binding

I love making journals-- visual ones, because I'm not a journal writer. It's just not my thing, writing about my day or my feelings. I've made my living as a writer for two decades now, so maybe it's because when it comes to myself, I want a break from writing. I love writing stories and articles, and that's enough for me.

Making signatures -- a set of stitched pages -- was easy enough. But sewing several signatures together was a mystery, then binding them. I finally took the time to look it up and it turns out it's easier than I thought.

So, of course, it set off a chain of making them. I started with a little notebook of two signatures, and continued with a normal-size one. It won't be the last. I'm enjoying myself too much!


  1. i love making journals as well, but not good at keeping one either. this is so lovely and gentle.

  2. i am a fiend for writing...i believe i could live on a deserted island as long as i could write in the sand.

    i do agree with ludid, it has a gentle feel to it. :)

  3. I love the beauty of it, simple and profound...
    is this for you or a special friend?!

  4. it is beautiful. I see a lot of art journals on the Blogs and really should start one myself

  5. Hello dear heart!

    Your journal pages are TOO beautiful! I find myself wanting to have one, or wanting to make one just like that, just for me, I never make for ME!

    Have a lovely Sunday
    Carolyn ♥

  6. Hi Colette - saw your work in Somerset Life - beautiful - I am at the same place with you in journalling - I can't stop making those books -I love the binding part of it, the cutting, making them in different sizes - I can't stop either. I have tons and don't know what to do with them! So nice to see a fellow Canadian in print.

  7. Anonymous7:41 p.m.

    .....and I find myself wanting one too!!!...It is the bottom left hand corner that does it for me! ....the finishing touches.You have this wonderful gift Colette.....of thinking outside the box!!!

    Happy Sunday....Anon the Elder......OXOXO

  8. yes, i know exactly what you mean =) addicting for sure!


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