Saturday, December 19, 2009

In the meantime

Phase one in bird-making is teaching me patience (again!). The clay is supposed to be dry in 24 hours so I made these last night. When dry, they will be covered in papier mâché, which will smooth out some of the odd bumps (I hope), then wire feet will be added, they'll be painted....and, one day, they will be finished!



  1. OHhh..I can't wait to see them !!!

  2. do you know of Julie Arkell? She makes the most divine papier mache dolls and other stuff... she uses newspaper balls and masking tape then fashions the papier mache around that to whatever shape she wants.. I had a go and it was fun!

  3. I bet these turn out beautifully Colette. You are a dab hand with anything "birdy". I look forward to seeing the finished article. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

  4. love to see the whole process - what fun!

  5. These are beautiful...
    I can hardly wait to see the
    finished work

  6. They look fabulous just the way they are. Everything you touch seems to turn into something special Colette.


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