Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The End...

... of collage journal No. 2. I thought I'd spent 10 minutes on the last pages, at least, it felt like 10 minutes, but the clock said one hour plus. This is the definition of "timelessness."


  1. Your collage journal is beautiful :+)
    It seems like fun to make.
    I'll have to try it sometime.

  2. Love the pages you've been sharing. As usual, you give them that wonderful Colette look and feel. Happy New Year!

  3. oh - it's true your collage journals are great, I want to go and create some imagery now too.

    I wanted to say that your post above this one was really moving too. I'm not sure of the full situation, but maybe on my way I will find out . . . but I wanted to say I find it really refreshing to read about people's honesty and feelings and I also, am a person who feels really deeply about things, but you are right I can also pull out the laughs and be happy when the time is right too . . . maybe that is the flip side of feeling other more painful things so acutely! - thanks for sharing. I will be reading more . . .

    Do pop over some time:



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