Friday, December 11, 2009

Authentically Jenny

She gave me my big chance and changed my artistic life. She introduced me to the wondertful people at Stampington with whom I'm love working. She says that art saves lives, and it certainly does. I know it has saved me many, many times. Jenny Doh will always have my undying affection and loyalty. As editor in chief at Stampington, she has done wonders, not just for Stampington but for all artists who have come into contact with her. When I met her in March, she told me about her background in social work, so I wasn't surprised to see how great she was with her staff and colleagues. A people person, for sure.
Now Jenny is embarking on a new path, combing all her skills in a new venture called
I am honored and privileged to be a part of it in the future. I hope you will wish her all the success in the world and check in with in the new year.

I'm sure we will all miss her at Stampington, but she is following her heart and I can only wish her the very best of everything, because she deserves it!


  1. Congrats on your success and new endeavor with Jenny Doh, very exciting! It will be wonderful to see how this project will inspire, motivate and heal people. I, too have had moments of
    art moving me, healing me and helping me cope!

    It sounds like a fascinating journey...can't wait to see how it unfolds~

  2. Wow, Jenny has been with Stampington for a long time. Ofcourse we wish her the best in her new ventures, can't wait to visit her new site! Thank You for sharing, and we will follow you on your new journey.

  3. Thank you, Colette.
    Always the very best,
    Jenny :)


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