Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It took a long time coming, but I got bitten by the TM bug. Teesha Moore, that is. I spent a half-hour with her tutorials where she demystified a few things for me and had me raring to go.

I did.
These are unfinished pages. But you get the idea. Teesha is one generous lady, and I cannot thank her enough!

A bit of Teesha and a bit of me.


  1. Those are lovely! I loved the comment you left on my post :0)


  2. OMGosh!! Don't you just love her!? I spent some time on her site the other night...and found the retreats....Oh how I wish I could have the funds fall into my lap. ahhhhhhh Wait! Did you say TUTORIAL?

  3. Teesha's everywhere this week it seems! I love your take on the collages. Can't wait to see more of this and the finished pages.


  4. Anonymous9:16 a.m.

    she's great and very friendly, she doesn't mind answering your questions, willing to share, that's great in an artist

  5. awesome pages!!!!


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