Saturday, November 07, 2009

A freelancer's life

They say that a freelancer's life is feast or famine, and it is true. I got through the famine, and now, it's a feast. Which means I have a lot to do in a short period of time. That's how it works: it all comes at once. But freelancers don't complain; we put our heads down and work. With gratitude.

When the work dries up and you're in the middle of famine, you do not panic. You tighten your belt and keep going, doing whatever you can. Putting your work out there, looking for part-time work, keeping the faith.

I am blessed because I have a support system, my sister and a handful of friends who encourage me and who, should I ever need it, would help me out. I'm grateful for them, too. They know that I also give back.


  1. Well put...I totally agree, i have dabbled, but
    hope to live this lifestyle. I love this piece
    what was your inspiration?!

  2. I a mright there with ya. But it is ,to me, a great life . Doing what I love and being rather Bohemian. Sometimes work...sometimes no work.

  3. Freelancing is not for everyone but if you can make it work for you then that is excellent. I hope there will be lots more feasts Colette and very little famine for you. Your work is very beautiful.

  4. I love your work....[I even like your style better than TM's!]
    Just my personal response...your work almost always appeals to is gentle but has a deep message!

  5. I love watching you grow and spread your wings Colette!!! So proud:) Love, Jamie

  6. I do believe that Colette.
    How long will you be in Dallas???


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