Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Moody weather in the waning days of summer, warm and hazy. Bad for the hair which turns to cottonwool, good for walking thanks to a little cool breeze. I took photos along the way, mostly of the produce at the Harvest Wagon which is situated between my address and downtown.

However, Blogger is not allowing me to post photos. "Due to an internal error", it informs me. I ascertained that the error was not in my interior, but in Blogger's complicated interiors, so the photos will have to wait until Blogger's internist diagnoses the problem and performs the surgery. So hello and goodbye, for now. I'll see you later.
The surgery was successful: here are the photos.


  1. Anonymous2:08 p.m.

    lovely walk

  2. Wow!
    These are great photos.
    I love gates and ironwork items.

  3. I am SO partial to signs .... love the Paris Grocery photo.

  4. Thank goodness the patient recovered and we can now see the bounty of your walk..thank you is so pretty!

  5. Very nice walk, great photos. Thx for sharing. I love that grocery store.

  6. those rusty gates are lovely...


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