Saturday, August 08, 2009

One thing at a time

I've come to realize that I do not like multi-tasking. I've been doing it for years without thinking about it. Doing several things at once, or seemingly at once. When did it become some kind of virtue and get the respectable-sounding name of "multi-tasking"? I don't know. Perhaps it was invented to counteract procrastination.

I do know though, that I will breathe deeply and stop doing it. It's exhausting and most of the time it's unnecessary.

I think I find this activity soothing because both hands are busy and I can't do anything else while I'm stitching.


  1. Anonymous4:01 p.m.

    .....well Colette, these are very comforting words! I am delighted to know that I am not alone! For starters.....I am the world's worst at multi tasking....and I don't mind admitting it!....and anything you need to know about procrastinating ...just give me a ring!!!

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

    The little birdie tag is delightful, and I am looking forward to seeing the others!...there are others I hope!

    Anon the Elder.....OXOXO

  2. your stitching is just divine - truly. It always brings peace to my soul. I love this new piece... and I love my little quiltie(the one I bought on etsy awhile ago) that I have hanging on my cork-board!
    you have the best bird stamps, wish we could buy things like that here..

    seems we are all so very hard on ourselves..(and thankyou so much for the message from are wise xoxo)

  3. Good observation. It does slow me down and "center" me when I sew!

  4. I totally agree with you! multi tasking was created to make us more productive for business! I think that it stifles creativity. I have taken to doing the same thing.... one thing .... at a time! like you I have started sewing again and I love it. I really enjoyed your blog!


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